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Rother become principle partner of 1066 Country Marketing Campaign

Following the surprise decision by Hastings Borough Council to remove themselves as the accountable body for the 1066 Country Marketing Partnership, an organisation that brings in over 600 thousand visitors to the area each year and sustains thousands of jobs and tourism sector businesses through its international marketing of the 1066 brand, Rother District Council’s Cabinet agreed on July 17th to become the accountable body for 1066 Country Marketing. This means that the Council’s Revenue Budget will be updated to include the financial contributions to 1066 Country Marketing from Wealden District Council and Member Subscriptions, at an anticipated value of £35,000. The final terms of transfer have been delegated to the Director for Place and Climate Change, in consultation with the Council Section 151 Officer and Portfolio Holder for Tourism.

Speaking about this move, Cllr Hazel Timpe the Portfolio Holder for Tourism said, “The 1066 Country Marketing Partnership brings in huge sums of money to the 1066 area through tourism and trade and we are excited to take up the mantle on managing this project.”

To read the full report, click here.


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