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Below are the SIX key priorities agreed by the members of the Rother Alliance for the current term of office. On the right hand side of each priority are listed the policies and actions the Rother Alliance aim to undertake in order to meet these SIX priorities.

Financial Stabilty

Meet financial stability targets and continue
to improve the Council
to make it fair,
efficient and effective

Be resolute in maintaining a course towards long-term financial stability.

Reform staff pay and look to re-join the National Joint Claim.

Improve equality, diversity and inclusion within the Council and maintain good levels of staff satisfaction.

Consider the wellbeing and rights of staff when delivering financial stability.

Consider maintaining a lean executive team to keep costs under control.

Proactively explore potential avenues to increase the council’s income and revenue.

Support and encourage devolution of discretionary services to town/parish councils and community groups.

Review joint services (ie. legal, waste, comms) and in particular, conduct a root and branch review of communications both internally and externally to address frequent issues and make improvements.

Climate Action

Take bold action
to tackle
climate change
and protect
the environment

Ensure the necessary resources and actions are in place to meet the Council's 2030 commitment to zero carbon emissions and improve the Environment/Climate Emergency Strategy to enable this.

Support Parish and Town Councils to declare their own Climate Emergency backed by action plans and provide ongoing guidance and support as required.

Ensure the new Local Plan is as green as possible, protecting the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and all other environmental designations, delivering a low carbon agenda and increasing biodiversity.

Encourage and enable where possible retrofitting homes to reduce energy costs and reduce emissions.

Pursue renewable energy options to improve economics and sustainability of all Council buildings and premises where Council supported activities are undertaken, including leisure centres.

Explore improving operation of the waste contract by lowering the carbon footprint of vehicles and improving recycling performance, e.g. by bringing in food waste collection.

Look at options for a green burial ground.

Install EV charging points in Rother run car parks and encouraging other authorities, organisations and businesses to do the same.

Campaign to clean up Rother's beaches and rivers from sewage.

Plant more trees, particularly in Bexhill, including on high streets, in car parks and in retail areas, and promote rewilding initiatives.

Promote active travel, including walking, cycling and horse riding, and campaign for better public transport across the District.

Support green initiatives from local businesses through a ‘Green Tick’ style scheme and assist with ‘go green’ toolkits/information.

Review litter enforcement contract and consider viability of in-house options.

Commit to a positive approach regarding Rother’s role as Coast Protection Authority and mitigating the effects of coastal erosion and landslip, in particular a commitment to the maintenance or replacement of the cliff protection works and associated equipment and machinery at Fairlight Cove as necessary.

Leisure Tourism

Rother’s reputation
as a leisure and
tourism destination

Support tourism across the district, in planning and publicity, and promote the ‘1066 Country’ brand.

Review the Tourism strategy and promote cooperation with all relevant stakeholders, business groups, major attractions and parish and town councils.

Take advantage of all opportunities to bid for government funding by creating a professional team to handle such bids.

Progress the new leisure strategy, ensure the sustained future of Rye Pool and explore the future of Bexhill’s leisure facilities.

Support the development of an hotel in Bexhill and explore the provision of overnight accommodation in Rother.

Oversee the successful implementation of the Levelling Up Bid to improve both the De La Warr Pavilion and Sidley Recreation Ground.

Seek to gain control of lost sporting/leisure facilities where they have been bought and land banked by private developers, such as with Gullivers Sports Ground in Sidley.

Look to develop a masterplan for the Colonnade area inc. options for the fountains.

Set a timeline with Southern Water re: quality bathing water/blue flag and seek their compensatory investment into the Colonnade and fountains project.

Support the proposed Rother Valley Railway link between Bodiam and Robertsbridge.

Review the current Community Grants requirements to better support larger scale community events that are not-for-profit, likely to attract visitors, and support the local economy.


Enable the
increased provision
of social and
affordable homes
for local people

Explore all options to deliver more affordable and social houses, including the benefits of a housing revenue account, with the intention to complement the reduction of the housing waiting list.

Encourage all communities to create or review their own Neighbourhood Plans.

Continue to improve the performance of Planning Enforcement.

Continue to support the provision of local temporary accommodation for the homeless and rough sleepers.

Review the Town Hall Renaissance project and identify options for the delivery of either commercial space, social and affordable housing, or a mix of both, to enable the modernisation of the Town Hall on a cost-neutral basis.

Support Community Land Trusts and other local housing initiatives to promote a 'local homes for local people' approach.

Assess the impact of the cuts to Environmental Health officer posts and look at creating a landlord accreditation scheme.

Explore stronger regulation around holiday lets and second homes.


Improve wellbeing,
equity and inclusion
across the District

Deliver an equality, diversity and inclusion strategy that takes into account the socio-economic duty.

Deliver a health and wellbeing strategy that leads on from the Council’s anti-poverty strategy and brings into focus the multiple determinants of health and wellbeing in the District, tying in with the Local Strategic Partnership and the work being undertaken by ESCC and Public Health.

Reform the Council Tax Reduction Scheme to enhance the relief given to those on low incomes, with a view to removing the 80% cap for under-65s when financially viable.

Support community banking initiatives like the Hastings & Rother Community Bank.

Work to support the World Health Organisation’s ‘ageing well’ initiative and other age-friendly schemes.

Promote further the Rother Community Lottery.

Improve disability access across the District, including making the Town Hall DDA compliant.

Continue and enhance the Healthy Rother and Active Rother programmes.

Support and encourage initiatives to address the ‘digital divide’.


Boost skills,
regenerate the local
economy and
attract green industry

Create a 'Good Business Charter' to encourage and support good business an employment practices, including at Rother District Council, and support ethical business models such as co-operatives.

Encourage more localised contracts to support local workers and review procurement process and policies.

Proactively aim to implement projects funded through Community Infrastructure Levy in advance of the completion of any large developments.

Build up local skills including cooking, reading, writing, internet skills, access to STEM subjects, arts and culture, and greener living (ie. retrofitting skills), particularly in disadvantaged communities, through the promotion of community upskilling initiatives in partnership with town/parish councils and the voluntary sector.

Look to identify council assets, or potential assets, suitable for green industry and attract green jobs providers into the area.

Support an improved night-time economy in urban and other suitable areas, creating additional jobs and attracting young and working age people to stay in the area.

Ensure effective delivery of the Levelling Up bid and Levelling Up Partnership for the benefit of Rother residents.

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