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Bexhill's wish for a Town Council is finally granted

On Monday 21st September 2020, following years of campaigns and petitions and the overwhelming support of Bexhill residents across the political spectrum, Rother District Councillors from all parties voted (27-6) to install a 3rd-tier local authority for Bexhill, to be styled as a 'Bexhill Town Council', creating parity between Bexhill and the rest of Rother for the first time since the dissolving of Bexhill Borough Council in 1974.

This is a monumental moment for the town and plans will now be put in place for the election of Bexhill's first Town Councillors (18 in total) to coincide with the 2021 County Council elections. Who the residents of Bexhill vote for will determine what direction the Town Council takes and what services it might deliver. Either way, decisions about Bexhill will finally be able to be made in Bexhill by the councillors that the people of Bexhill elect.

Since the 1970s there have been calls for Bexhill to have its own decision making body, much like Rye, Battle and the other towns and parishes in Rother. Monday's decision comes following a 4,000 strong petition, two consultations with strong majorities in favour, a parliamentary act and the distinctive 2019 local elections, the story of which you can read about here.

There is now a huge opportunity for Bexhill locals to run for Town Council and help shape the future of Bexhill Town Council and indeed Bexhill itself. If you are thinking of standing and would like to know more information, check out this booklet by the National Association of Local Councils or feel free to email the Rother Alliance at - we'd be only too glad to help.

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