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Hearing from local businesses on Zoom

Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Regeneration, Councillor Christine Bayliss has compiled a report into how local businesses are coping with Covid-19 measures, following a series of successful Zoom conference calls.

Following a series of grants and measures from the government to support businesses, including the introduction of a discretionary grant with the opportunity to determine local criteria and the need to develop a regional and district wide recovery plan, Councillor Christine Bayliss, Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Regeneration, was prompted to seek the views of the local business community on the challenges they face, the opportunities they have and the support they need.

Following multiple virtual meetings with businesses from across Rother, Councillor Bayliss compiled a report on the findings.

According to the report, local businesses mentioned several key challenges including pressure on business viability should lockdown be prolonged, the need for discretionary grants to be targeted towards those ineligible for other grants and funds, a need to increase the size of the discretionary grant funding and the need for flexibility in the regulations to allow furloughed staff to be brought back part time.

The report mentions several opportunities local businesses have embraced including adapting to new technological possibilities such as online sales, virtual meetings and for the charity sector, virtual 1-to-1 support and coaching.

The report also uncovers the additional support needed for local businesses including clearer guidance on risk assessments and use of PPE, localised marketing for Autumn and Winter visits to areas like Bexhill and Rye to make up for the loss in Spring trade for the tourism sector, improved broadband connectivity and measures to ensure consumer confidence in local businesses.

To read the full report, click the link below:

Cllr Bayliss Report on Zoom Covid19 Busi
Download • 403KB

or to find out more, contact Christine Bayliss at

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