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Alliance councillors join partners in celebration of new affordable homes in Icklesham

Photo by Paul Starr

Jubilation in Icklesham as 15 new rural homes are completed. These homes, affordable for local people, were celebrated at a ribbon cutting event on Friday 14th July, 2023. The event was attended by representatives from Hastoe Housing Association, Icklesham Parish Community Land Trust, Icklesham Parish Council, Sussex Community Housing Hub, Rother District Council and other partners, as well as residents who had moved in this year.

Photo by Paul Starr

The 15 new homes represent a 9% increase in social housing provision in the area, making a significant difference to the lives of local people in the Parish. The homes at Orchard Close will remain affordable and for local people in perpetuity.

Speaking at the event, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Housing, Cllr Ruairi McCourt said, "We all know that housing - decent, secure housing with truly affordable rents - is the key to enjoying healthy and fulfilled lives."

Continuing, he said, "In a modern developed country like England, it cannot be acceptable that so many lives are blighted by homelessness. It’s a social and political problem and therefore it requires political solutions. We in the Rother Alliance don’t accept it and we are determined to work with partners to increase the supply of high-quality homes, and thereby contribute in our own way to tackling insecure housing. We have a programme of acquiring our own properties so we can take people out of temporary accommodation. We also support Registered Providers to increase affordable and social homes, and of course, we support CLT’s such as Icklesham."

Continuing further, Cllr McCourt added, "By building homes like these, the social value we create is immense. We increase community resilience, and we ensure that we go some way to creating sustainable communities for local people well into the future."

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