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Success for first stage of Alliance Anti-Poverty plans

At the first meeting of Rother District Council's Anti-Poverty Task and Finish Group on Tuesday 18th August, Councillors discussed suggested plans for better tackling issues around poverty and, after an interesting discussion, those present agreed unanimously to proceed with the evidence gathering detailed in the Rother Alliance Anti-Poverty Proposals.

The proposals were written by Cllr Sam Coleman (Chair of the Anti-Poverty Task and Finish Group) with contributions from Cllrs Cook, Gray, Timpe and Byrne. They detail a thorough evidence gathering process followed by suggested actions, including a review of the Council's Council Tax Reduction Scheme and the formation of an Anti-Poverty strategy. It is hoped that, following evidence gathering sessions, the group might decide to proceed with some of the plans outlined in the report.

The next steps are for the group to hear from organisations, experts and outside bodies about the problems they face and how Rother could improve in terms of working with partners and ensuring anti-poverty measures are effective. This is expected to happen in October, the results of which will then be consolidated and used to affirm or improve the group's planned next steps. The group is formed of five Alliance members and three Conservative members. At the meeting on August 18th, all three appointed Conservative members were absent. You can watch the video recording of the meeting HERE (starts at approx 8mins in) and you can read the Rother Alliance Anti-Poverty proposals HERE.

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