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Climate Emergency Strategy agreed by Rother Councillors

Following the original declaration of a Climate Emergency in 2019 by the Alliance-led administration, members of Rother District Council voted on Monday 21st September 2020 to implement the 'Rother Environment Strategy 2020-2030' kickstarting the process to achieving net-zero emissions in Rother by 2030 as well as transforming the practices of the Council itself and putting in place practical measures to tackle the issue of climate change head-on.

The strategy was expertly drafted by officers in collaboration with members of the Climate Emergency Steering Group who then put it out to public consultation where it was very well received.

Following an in-depth look at the public responses, several additions and adjustments were agreed too which Portfolio holder Councillor Kathryn Field presented to council on Monday, alongside Rother's newly appointed 'Environment and Policy Manager' - a post dedicated to delivering on the objectives of the Climate Emergency declaration.

Cllr Field said of the decision,

"Due to the limitations placed by Covid19 on the planned consultation process responses were fewer than hoped but many were from groups and organisations so it was clear that the consultation reached more individuals than the raw numbers suggested."

"The strategy is a working document and will be underpinned by action plans detailing the way ahead. It is the Council’s key policy and will inform everything else the Council does in particular the emerging Corporate Plan and the Core Strategy which contains the Council’s planning policies. This is an exciting and important time for the District. This is our opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of our residents and we will be working with everyone to achieve this."

You can read the full strategy here or watch a recording of the full council meeting here

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