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Good news on the Landgate in Rye

Nothing has done more to sour relations between Rye residents and Rother District Council than the dilapidation of this ancient monument for which Rother Is responsible.

At a recent meeting of all the interested parties at which Rother was well represented by Graham Burgess, Lee Beckham, Tanya Szendeffy and Councillor Rev. Howard Norton, real progress was made and a constructive way forward agreed.

As a first stage Rother will remove all the accumulated guano and vegetation which is degrading the fabric. Then the netting which was installed to keep the birds out will be removed.It has failed in its purpose and condemned trapped birds to a lingering death to the horror of residents and tourists alike. Finally approvals will be sought from preservationist bodies who were represented at the meeting to begin work on re-roofing the gate which is the only permanent solution.

The mood of those present was very hopeful that with broad agreement on the way forward this splendid medieval survivor can be saved and R.D.C spared future accusations of neglect.

- Article submitted by Cllr Rev. Howard Norton


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